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The Best Sleep Mask - Naptime Relax
Sleep can be hard to come by for most people even in the best conditions and those that find they still struggle to get shut eye, might be benefited by trying a sleeping eye mask like Naptime Relax.

Practically anyone can benefit from using a mask for sleep as it keeps your eyes in the dark, even in the brightest of rooms. That means you can sleep pretty much anywhere and anytime, day or night.
Eye Masks for Sleeping Keeps You in the Optimum Sleep Amount
The National Sleep Foundation says that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Lose out on any of that and you start accruing a sleep debt that "can not" be easily paid off.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to high blood pressure, bad moods, obesity, and less productivity. "What is more", it simply "is not safe", particularly if you have to drive at all while suffering from sleep deprivation.

Naptime Relax can help you towards a goal of getting that seven to nine hours of sleep at night.
By: Mark Smith
Reasons Why You Might Not Be Sleeping
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes lack of sleep is a public health epidemic. In fact, insomnia affects between 30 and 50 percent of the population at some point in their lives and for 10 percent of people, they experience insomnia as a chronic condition.

Some actually have to endure a lack of sleep through the fact that they work the night shift and need to sleep during the day. Most curtains are just too sheer to provide the darkness people need in order to sleep. Sleep eye masks like Naptime Relax will fool the eyes into thinking "they are" in a dark room in the darkest part of the night.
Qualities of the Best Sleeping Masks
The first thing that anyone should seek out in a sleep mask is that it blocks light adequately. Naptime Relax blocks light so that your body produces the melatonin it needs to calm down, relax, and sleep.

The right sleep mask can help power naps during the day, so it helps to make sure that the mask incorporates a customizable fit around the nose, where light likes to seep in. The next thing "that is" very important is to make sure the eye shape "does not" put pressure on the eyelids and eyelashes, which can inhibit sleep.
The importance of getting enough sleep "can not" be stressed enough. Adults should be doing everything they can in order to get the seven to nine hours of sleep a night for their health. Why risk diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and car accidents?

The responsible thing to do is to make sure the conditions in which you sleep is optimum. To do otherwise is to risk insomnia and exhaustion the next day when you need to get things done. The darkness that an eye mask for sleep like Naptime Relax can create will go a long way to the perfect "night 's" sleep.
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